Terrell Suggs Poses As Reporter To Ask Dak Prescott A Very Important Question



Dak Prescott was doing a routine conference call with journalists on Thursday when he got a question from a little known journalist by the name of “Hacksaw Smithers.”

He’s little known because he doesn’t actually exist. He’s a made up character from the mind of Baltimore linebacker Terrell Suggs, who wanted to ask Dak a question incognito.

Suggs of course wanted to know what Prescott thinks of him, given that they play each other this weekend. Prescott didn’t even flinch, despite sensing that something wasn’t right. He gave the answer Suggs was looking for: ““Suggs is great. These guys have been playing well in this league for a long time. We know how special of a player he is.”

Suggs seemed happy with the answer, and had no further questions to ask as Hacksaw.

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