Texans Head Coach Rips NFL Replay System In Wake Of Controversial Monday Night Call



Monday night’s Mexico City showdown between the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texans was full of controversy. From the laser pointers blinding Brock Osweiler to multiple bad spots and missed calls, it was a refereeing fiasco worthy of a high profile Monday night game.

Among the worst calls of the night was the 60 yard touchdown play from DeAndre Hopkins that was called back incorrectly by refs who thought he stepped out of bounds. Replays showed that he clearly did not, but because the play was whistled dead it couldn’t be reviewed or challenged.

After the game, Head Coach Bill O’Brien was careful to avoid fines, but expressed how ridiculous it is to have so many cameras and a complex replay system available but not be allowed to use it when the refs obviously got it wrong.

“Was Hopkins out of bounds on that play? No,” O’Brien said. “So like, look, I’m not going to sit up here and get fined, I’m just a third-year coach in the NFL. But I think we really got to look at all of those things. You know, we got all of these cameras, and we can’t get that right. And I don’t think Hopkins was out of bounds …”

Yet again, the arrogance and inability to admit wrong doing on the part of the NFL has led to another blown call. It’s getting harder and harder to respect anything the NFL does or to even care to watch their games when they consistently blow calls week after week and refuse to take responsibility or even acknowledge reality.

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