The 76ers Have Decided Which Young Center They’ll Be Trading



The 76ers strategy of hoarding young talent and developing them is starting to pay off, but now they’ve got some excess to deal with, particularly in the front court.

Since the offseason, it’s been rumored that Jahlil Okafor would be the odd man out, but now it seems that opinions have changed within the team. Now it seems that Nerlens Noel is the man who isn’t meshing with the team, and the unlucky 4th center in the pecking order who will get traded sometime soon.

Noel met with the coaching staff earlier this week, so presumably he understands the situation. The only hold up now is finding a team that wants to take a chance on a talented young center with a history of injury. The Kings might be a good choice, especially with Boogie likely on the way out. Whoever it will be, expect the deal to happen soon; there’s just no room for 4 centers in one roster.

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