The Browns And The Eagles Mock NFL’s New Rules On Twitter



In their ongoing effort to make mountains of molehills while ignoring real issues facing the league, the NFL has devoted time this year to making sure that NFL teams aren’t allowed to share highlights from games on their accounts. The NFL wants sole responsibility for posting all NFL related content, and teams will have to rely on the league to deem their plays worthy if they want them online at all.

Obviously, teams aren’t happy about it. Besides the fact that they don’t have control over their own highlights anymore, they also don’t get to post things that the NFL doesn’t want to post to their official account. The whole thing is absurd, but that’s par for the course in Goodell’s NFL.

The Browns and the Eagles aren’t gonna let it happen without a fight though. They both took to twitter during their games with some hilarious fake highlight videos mocking the new NFL policy.

This is hilarious. Expect both teams to get huge fines from Goodell on Monday for attempting to bring humor to the league.

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