The Cavs Offer J.R. Smith A Huge Amount Of Guaranteed Money As Contract Talks Continue



With the NBA pre-season fully underway, Cavs fans are starting to seriously worry about J.R. Smith. At best, they’re looking at a repeat of last years Tristan Thompson situation, where J.R. won’t be officially on the roster until just before the season, and at worst they might lose a key player from the squad that won it all last year.

But there is some good news for the people of Cleveland, as ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reports. He’s got a figure on the latest offer from the Cavs organization, and it’s not too far off from what J.R. is looking for.

Multiple sources told ESPN that the Cavs have offered a three-year escalating contract to Smith with a partial guarantee in the fourth year, bringing the total guaranteed money north of $42 million — the same amount Jamal Crawford got when he re-signed with the LA Clippers this offseason, except his deal only included $30.5 million guaranteed.

A source familiar with the negotiations told ESPN on Friday about the Cavs’ offer: “I don’t see it changing anytime soon.”

While both parties may hold out to get exactly what they want, this number is close enough to his asking price to assume that they will get a deal made. Especially given that Smith has repeatedly expressed his desire to stay in Cleveland.

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