The Kings Give Us A Glimpse Into The Sponsored Jersey Era With New Almond Logo Jerseys



There’s no turning back now; the era of jerseys with corporate sponsors is officially here to stay. The move, which will go into effect next season, has been met with mixed responses. Most of the league voted in favor of the move, which will add a few million dollars in extra revenue per year. The Lakers were the notable dissenting vote, probably because the Lakers brand is way more valuable than any other brand they could put on their jersey.

The 76ers became the first team to officially get a sponsor, partnering with Stub Hub. Now the Sacramento Kings have joined in by unveiling their new Blue Diamond Almond Growers sponsorship. Almond growers seem like a pretty lame sponsorship for a team, but Blue Diamond is one of the biggest companies in Sacramento, so it makes sense. The team issued the following statement about the deal:

“Beginning with the 2016-17 season, the Blue Diamond Almond Breeze logo will appear on the court apron below the visitor and Kings benches. Fans will find select menu items that feature high-quality Blue Diamond almonds, as well as Blue Diamond Almond Breeze beverages at arena kiosks.”

More importantly, here’s the first look at the new jersey design.

It seems crazy that the sponsor logo is bigger than the Kings actual crown logo. But at $5 million a year, expect this to become the new normal for the league.

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