The Miz Didn’t Mince His Words When Talking About Raw



In the coming days, the WWE will hold their second joint brand pay-per-view event with Survivor Series. It will feature several matches pitting both shows against each other. In light of that, The Miz has taken another shot at Raw.

“Raw is a great show — SmackDown Live is better. SmackDown Live has better characters, better stories, and I think we have better talent. Does Raw have great talent? Absolutely. Is it a good show to watch? Sure, go ahead and watch it. But I guarantee if you watch Raw and SmackDown, you’re going to watch SmackDown and go, ‘I like these guys better.’ Why? It’s because there’s competitiveness between Raw and SmackDown Live. We are fighting, clawing, scratching to get everything that Raw gets.”

Following his win to regain the Intercontinental championship on the 900th episode of Smackdown Live, The Miz s set to compete in a title match against Sami Zayn at Survivor Series. It marked his sixth time he has held the belt, putting him just three away from Chris Jericho’s record. That said, Zayn does pose a strong challenge to dethrone his reign quickly for his first title since joining the main roster.

Since the creation of Smackdown 16 years ago, Raw has for much of the time featured the stronger roster with the more prominent wrestlers. This could be just more banter to help create more attention toward the upcoming event. It will be very interesting to see which brand comes out on top.

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