The New Projected Salary Cap For Next Season Is Absolutely Insane



This year saw the NBA salary cap increase from $70 million to a whopping $93 million per year. It led to some truly crazy contracts, with even role players raking in what used to be superstar money.

Things are only going to get crazier, thanks to the pending agreement between the NBA and the NBPA. Contract negotiations are almost finalized, and there’s been a few surprises already. Today saw one of the biggest surprises when the revised estimates for next year’s salary cap were released.

$103 million per year. That’s outrageously large, especially given the size of an NBA roster. The increased amount will allow some record setting contracts for superstars, and give teams like the Warriors, who are overloaded with talent, a little more breathing room to retain their players and still pay them handsomely. The agreement also lives room for increases in the future.

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