The Rock Believes Wrestling Is Fake In Only One Way



The Rock has put together one of the most dynamic careers in the ring. During this time, he has developed a strong understanding of the business works. In light of that, he had quite an entertaining answer as to when wrestling fake during a Q&A interview on his Youtube channel (H/T Wrestling Inc.)

“I’ve had so many over the years. My favorite, favorite ones where the ones where I won,” Rock responded. “Because when I lose, that s–t’s fake. But when I win, it’s real as all hell.”

His response to that question completely fell in his career. The Rock is a very prideful wrestler and loves to boast about his success in the ring. This is just a hilarious way of doing that about while giving the younger generation of fans a full understanding of his ego.

There is a huge reason why he is identified as the “most electrifying man in sports entertainment. ” He certainly lived up to those standards during his heyday with the company. All in all, The Rock just provided a clear reason he’s one of the greatest to step in the squared circle.

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