The Rock Finally Reveals Why He Left WWE For Acting



More than a decade ago, The Rock made the decision to leave the WWE for a full-time career in acting. It was a huge move that didn’t exactly get the greatest reaction from the company or wrestling fan base. In light of that, The Rock revealed i in a recent interview with WSVN-TV Entertainment’s Chris Van Vliet why made that choice.

“I wanted to challenge myself. And I wanted to be better. And I didn’t want to settle. I was really fortunate to accomplish what I accomplished in wrestling. I loved it. There’s nothing like wrestling. That crowd, I love it. But I also wanted more and there’s that interesting thing when you’re lucky enough to get that little bit of success and then you want to do something else that’s not your forte, that clearly is not, but you’re willing to take the challenge on, you’re met with a lot of cynicism. You gotta fight through that and you gotta listen to the voice inside and then you gotta bring it.”

 It’s a major risk that he took that has worked out tremendously for him in the long run. He has established himself as one of the top actors in the United States that earned the honor as being the highest grossing actor this year. He has been involved in several films that have become huge hits in the box office.
What this has done more than anything else is open up the door to other professional wrestlers after him to pursue careers outside of the ring. John Cena has been a huge beneficiary as he has been a few films and has hosted a few major events. The Rock’s risk has not only made him the most successful wrestler of all time, but also the most impactful that the WWE has seen.

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