The Rock Just Did Something He Never Thought He Would Do



The Rock has had an extremely successful career both in and out of a wrestling ring. He is one of the most decorated wrestlers of all time and now arguably the biggest star in the movie industry right now. In light of that, he just added another major milestone to his illustrious career.

Grateful to share this EXCLUSIVE NEW COVER w/ you. Failure can be a cool & powerful thing.. When I was 15yrs old and started playing football, I had a dream that one day I’d play in the NFL and be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Keep in mind, at 15, I also considered becoming a pro-boxer ’cause I thought I could be beat Mike Tyson who at that time, became the youngest ever Heavyweight Champ, so clearly my goals were extremely ambitious if not crack pipe level impossible. I failed to make it to the NFL (as well as got cut from the Canadian Football League). But my football failure created a drive that still pushes me today. Now years later THE COVER of @SportsIllustrated dream & goal was just achieved. Holy shit! (that’s the 15yr old in me talkin’;). At the end of the day, I want to surround myself with the hungriest and most brilliant team, because I never want to just play in the game, I always want change the way the game played. And thank God I didn’t fight Mike Tyson. #FromAthleteToCEO #ToTheCoverOfSportsIllustrated #SevenBucksProds #1Baller *LINK TO FULL STORY IN MY BIO

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This is quite a huge honor for the Rock that he has done more than enough work to earn. He has grown into one of the most recognizable faces in sports entertainment and movie industry. He has also ventured into other areas such as creating his own production company to now being in the works to produce a comedy show.

The Rock has been reward for his succcess over the last couple of years that includes a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has a gigantic impact on the wrestling industry opening up doors to numerous others to get opportunities outside the ring. It’ss just the latest notch on his belt that is well deserved.

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