There May Be A Possible Mega Match Involving Kurt Angle



With Goldberg returning to the WWE two weeks ago after nearly being absent for 13 years, it has opened the door for the company to look elsewhere at past talent. One of which is Kurt Angle, who has been on the market since his contract with TNA ran its course in March. In a recent Q&A session on Facebook, Angle revealed that he’s still holding out hope for one WWE dream match.

“I knew Bret wasn’t possible because of his stroke 15+ years ago, so I’d say Bryan. We could still have it. I’m holding out hope but chances are very slim.”

There is still a lot that needs to get in order first before this can even come to fruition. First, Angle needs to work out a deal with the WWE, which is something that is said to be of interest on both sides but there has yet to be anything to materialize. There have been rumors that the 47-year-old could eventually return at some point next year.

The second hurdle here is that Bryan needs to receive medical clearance to get back in the ring. WWE doctors have held strongly to the belief that he will never be able to wrestle again because of his neck/head injury. However, if things were to change in this department at any moment things could materialize in a hurry to make this mega match happen.

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