There’s Another Development in James Ellsworth’s WWE Future



In the last couple of months, one of the hot topics of discussion around the WWE has been the future of James Ellsworth. He has latched on to a prominent role in the company on Smackdown Live over the last several weeks. According to Wrestling Inc., Ellsworth still has yet to sign a deal with the WWE.

 Meltzer also noted in the Observer that James Ellsworth is still taking indie dates, which would indicate that he hasn’t signed with WWE yet.

It has been widely expected that he will sign a deal with the company at some point in the near future. Ellsworth has become a fan favorite in the business that has been in high demand. The WWE will likely look to capitalize on this opportunity by inking him to a contract.

That said, there has been plenty of backlash toward the idea. Former WWE superstar Booker T has voiced concerns that the company would be making a mistake by signing him to a deal. This is certainly to watch closely moving forward.

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