There’s Another Huge Development In Chris Bosh’s Return



It has been a long and grueling path back to the NBA for Chris Bosh over the last several months since the appearance of a second blood clot. Despite that, he has been consistently pushing in hopes of continuing his NBA career. According to the Palm Beach Post, there is a potentially new development for the Miami Heat.

After reaching the 41 regular-season games missed deductible, there are still 234 more regular-season games (70 in the 2016-17 season, 82 in the 2017-18 season and 82 in the 2018-19 season) between now and the end of Bosh’s current contract. That means the Heat could get as much as $41 million back, according to The Vertical’s Bobby Marks and NBA salary-cap expert Albert Nahmad from the Heat Hoops blog.

“You pay the contract as you would normally pay the contract,” Elisburg said. “You then can file for the insurance and if the insurance grants you, you get a per game check of ‘X’ dollars.”

This just provides another option for the Heat to get out from under Bosh’s contract. He is still signed through two mores seasons after this year. It has become evidently clear that Miami wants to move on from the All-Star because they firmly believe his NBA career is done.
Meanwhile, Bosh is still putting forth a huge effort into continuing his playing days be it with another franchise. If he can prove that he can get through this while also receiving clearance from doctors, there will be suitors lining up for his services. It’s something that will continue to develop as the season wears on.

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