There’s One Other NBA Team That Stephen Curry Could See Himself Playing For



A hot topic of discussion over the last couple of days has centered around Stephen Curry’s pending free agency next summer. It will mark the first time in his career that he will experience it. According to an interview with Scott Fowler of the Charlotte Observer, the two-time reigning NBA MVP left the door ajar to one free agency landing spot.

“It’s on my radar,” Curry said. “But it’s not really on my mind as much day-to-day… obviously I had a strong tie to Charlotte and would have loved to play there. I’m very comfortable in that city. It’s hard to say exactly what the situation will be this summer.”

The possibility of him joining his hometown team next summer could certainly grow legs in the coming months. The strong connection he has to the city has given him some pause to seriously considering leaving the Golden State Warriors. Despite having a legitimate point guard in Kemba Walker, the Hornets could still be a serious contender if he is indeed interested in the possiblity.

However, the 28-year-old also indicated in that same interview that he didn’t imagine himself going anywhere else. The Warriors have the ideal situation with a loaded roster that could contend for an NBA title for the next several years. Although the scenario is there, it’s hard to envision him leaving what he has got now in front of him.

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