Things Got Physical When A Reporter Ignored A Washington Spokesperson And Tried To Interview The Kicker



Washington faced off against the Bengals today in the last London game of the season. The result was a tie, 27-27, after Washington’s kicker Dustin Hopkins failed to make a field goal attempt from 34 yards out.

In a season that has seen a lot of bad kicking play, reporters rushed to interview Hopkins. But Tony Wyllie, the VP of Communications for Washington, was nearby instructing reporters that they were not allowed to interview Hopkins. One reporter, from German station TV Ran 1, ignored the requests and tried to snag an exclusive interview. He barely got through the first question before Wyllie started screaming “No! No! No!” at him.

Wyllie then zoomed in between Hopkins and the reporter and shoved the reporter, hard. He then walked Hopkins back to the locker room.

Judging by the reaction of the Germans back in the studio, it seems that the reporter wasn’t seriously injured. This wasn’t the first time Wyllie has pulled a similar move. He did it back in 2014 with Colt McCoy.

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