Things May Have An Interesting Turn For Alberto Del Rio And Paige



It’s beginning to seem like it’s becoming a never-ending merry-go-round for both Alberto Del Rio and Paige centered around their relationship. There’s always appears to be some new wrinkle in the situation. According to Pro Wrestling Sheets, the lawyer for Del Rio’s wife just dropped a bombshell.

We reached out to the lawyer for Del Rio’s wife to ask if their divorce had been finalized and received a statement from Raymond Rafool saying, “No. They are far from it at this stage.”

He adds, “Of course, Paige should watch carefully how Alberto is denying and treating his current wife and the mother of his children in this divorce.  History repeats itself.”

This could be the reason why Paige’s father, Ricky Knight, is so opposed to his daughter marrying Del Rio. He still doesn’t have any clarity with that divorce that could make things more cloudy after she just proposed to him over the weekend at an independent circuit event in Puerto Rico. There are obviously some resolved issues here that need to be sorted out.

It’s just another obstacle in their relationship that continues to experience turmoil from every angle. These two are clearly in love with each other but may have to endure much more in the coming months. That said, they may finally start to get some clarity on it soon.

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