Timberwolves Already Dealing With A Major Injury



The Minnesota Timberwolves are one of the most intriguing teams in the league with their roster full of young promising talent. Many believe they are poised to make a serious run at their first playoff berth since the 2003-04 season. However, it appears that the Timberwolves will be without their starting point guard Ricky Rubio for an extended period of time due to an elbow injury.

Rubio’s NBA career has been marred by injuries that put a cap on his potential. Through the first two games of the season, he had seen a drop in production averaging 4.5 points and 6.5 assists. His absence could open up the door to promising rookie Kris Dunn getting a significant boost in playing time.

Dunn is regarded as one of the best players in this year’s draft class and was voted by the general managers around the NBA to win the Rookie of the Year award. He has already received a vote of confidence from head coach Tom Thibodeau that he can get the job done as the starter. The opportunity is now in front of him to showcase his ability in the NBA and help the Timberwolves end their playoff drought.

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