Tom Brady Is Gunning For Aaron Rodger’s Most Impressive Record



Even though he’s played 15 years and won 4 Super Bowls, Tom Brady might be having his best year ever this season.

After sitting out 4 games because of some nonsense allegations in a blowout game 2 years ago, Brady came back ready to make every team he played look as stupid as the league that governs them all. In doing so, he’s on pace to break one of the most impressive records of the last decade.

Aaron Rodgers holds the best single season passer rating with 122.5, which he earned in his 2011 MVP, 15-1 season. As it stands today, Tom Brady has a season passer rating of 123.3. If he can maintain his current form for just a few more games, he’ll take the record from Rodgers.

He’s won pretty much everything he can, so at this point records like this are the only thing left for Brady to really play for.

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