Tom Brady Thinks He Could Be Traded Just Like Jamie Collins



Nothing is ever out of the question when it comes to Bill Belichick. He’s proved time and time again that no player is safe on his roster – not even his best pass rusher or defensive player.

In this calendar year, he’s traded both Jamie Collins and Chandler Jones, arguably the two best defenders on the roster last season. Belichick seemingly sent a message by making those two moves, and even the seemingly untradeable have taken notice.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Tom Brady said when asked if he’s ever thought about the chance that he could be traded, via the Boston Herald. “You can’t be around this long and not realize that the world will keep spinning and the sun will come up tomorrow without you. Brady, who was overlooked by all 32 teams several times in the 2000 draft when he fell to the sixth round, realizes the NFL is a business and shocking moves could happen to anyone.

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