Tony Romo Gives An Emotional Speech On His And Dak Prescott’s Future With The Cowboys



The debate about the starting quarterback job in Dallas seems to finally have found an end.

After weeks of Jerry Jones going back and forth, backing Romo first and then saying he wanted to let Dak continue what he started, Romo himself has finally put the issue to rest. During a press conference earlier today, Romo gave a very emotional speech in which he graciously gave the reins of the Cowboys offense over to Prescott and accepted his role as a back up for the team.

Listening to him speak, you can hear his passion for the team. You can sense the pain and frustration he felt as he was left on the sidelines. It’s that same commitment to the team that compelled him to take a second seat to rookie Dak Prescott now that he’s healthy. Will Romo remain the back up for Dallas next season? Probably not. But for now, he just wants his Cowboys to win.

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