Torrey Smith Blasts The NFL For Caring More About Touchdown Dances Than Domestic Violence



The NFL has been struggling with it’s image for awhile, and this season seems to be a particular rough one for the league. They’ve faced lots of criticism and backlash from the crackdown on touchdown celebrations, which many view as a ridiculous use of time. Those problems are only made worse in the face of yet another mis-handled case of domestic violence.

Giants kicker Josh Brown was suspended for a single game earlier this year after admitting to beating his now ex-wife. His ex claims the league and the team knew about the incident and didn’t do anything until a restraining order was issued. In light of Tom Brady’s four game suspension over deflated footballs, it’s hard to justify how Brown only received a one game suspension. San Fransisco Wide Receiver Torrey Smith is particularly fed up with the hypocrisy, and went after the NFL hard on Twitter.

Josh Norman faced a $76,000 dollar fine for pretending to shoot a bow and arrow on the field, a move which isn’t even prohibited by the NFL’s list of banned celebrations. Meanwhile, domestic abusers like Josh Brown continue to hold jobs in the league and even seem to be insulated by the league and their teams from criticism. If anything comes of this tweet, it’ll unfortunately be Torrey Smith getting in trouble, not Brown.

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