Triple H Is Set To Make A Great Gesture For Chicago Cubs



The Chicago Cubs on Wednesday night were finally able to snap a 108-year World Series drought by topping the Cleveland Indians in thrilling fashion in extra innings. It was an absolutely exciting game to watch unfold with the Cubs breaking through on the grandest stage. In light of that, Triple H is about to add some icing on the cake for the team by sending the players replicas of the WWE championship belt with Cubs logos.

This is a great move by the WWE that started a few years ago by sending each champion in the four major U.S. sports a customized championship. It just makes winning the championship that much sweeter for the teams with rare memorabilia to honor it all. This will sure make the rounds with several of the Cubs players via social media and possibly at the championship parade.

Chicago has been a pain-stricken franchise that had continually fallen short in their World Series hopes time and time again. This has made finally winning it all that much sweeter for them and dissipates decades of frustration for the fan base. It’s just a great move all around by the WWE.

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