Triple H Once Again Hints At WWE’s Interest In A Certain UFC Star



In the last few weeks, the rumor mill has been heating up around the WWE. The company is said to be interested in bringing aboard a couple of UFC stars for an appearance or two. In light of that, Triple H let it be known on Twitter which star he’s interested in.

This is more than a subtle message toward McGregor that he wants to work out a deal to get him on the program. Although he has taken his fair share of shots at the company, Vince McMahon has always been known to do what’s best the company. Bringing in McGregor would be just that for the WWE and certainly boost the ratings.

If this were to somehow happen, the only concern would be him dropping a few cuss words that would need plenty of  on-air censorship. Aside from that, McGregor would be much welcomed to the WWE scene. It’s something that could grow legs in the coming weeks.

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