Trouble For Timberwolves As Gorgui Dieng Calls Out Teammate Andrew Wiggins



Many had high hopes for the Timberwolves this year. They had a talented young core of players with a year of experience, and an exciting new coach in Tom Thibodeau. But things haven’t worked out that way.

The team is struggling big time, with an 11-26 record putting them at the bottom of the Western Conference. The team has relied heavily on Andrew Wiggins, the third year Canadian forward. He’s shown great promise, but has been very inconsistent. Last week he scored 41 points against the Wizards and followed it up with just 16 against the Jazz.

Now his teammates are starting to get annoyed by his inconsistency. Recently, Gorgui Dieng even called him out publicly for his inconsistency.

“Wigg is a great basketball player. He cannot pick and choose when he wants to play. We need him to play like this every night. He needs help, we’re all going to help him, but he’s our leader. He needs to play like this every night.”

Hopefully his comments will be a wake up call for Wiggens and won’t cause any drama in the locker room.

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