Trouble In Jacksonville As QB Blake Bortles Rips His Own Franchise



The Jacksonville Jaguars have struggled for a long time, and this season hasn’t changed much. The team hoped that Blake Bortles would help turn the franchise around when they drafted him, but he hasn’t paid out like they planned in the years since. Fans aren’t happy, and neither is he.

The team will suit up in their special “Color Rush” jerseys this week. Every team in the league has a Color Rush jersey, an alternate uniform with bright colors. The Jags wear a mustard yellow that isn’t appealing to anyone, especially Bortles. In an interview recently with Jim Wyatt, he ripped the team’s color selection.

He’s definitely not wrong; the jerseys are ugly as hell and few would disagree. But Bortles should probably focus more on the ugly as hell offense the Jaguars run, and less on uniform color.

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