Ty Lawson Has Already Made One Huge Mistake With Kings



It has been a bumpy last 1 1/2 year for Ty Lawson has seen him go for being one of the better point guards in the league to fighting to keep his career alive. He has dealt with the numerous off the court incidents that led to him attracting nearly zero interest across the league on the free agent market. However, it appears that Lawson has made another misstep that could cost him this chance with the Sacramento Kings.

The fact that he’s missed the team’s road trip is a troubling sign as he’s still trying to work himself into good graces with the organization. He’s currently on a non-guaranteed contract and something like this could easily put that in jeopardy. Lawson has put the time in on the court, but a miscue like this could cost him his last real chance of rebooting his career.

He has shown that he has tremendous talent that can translate into being a highly productive player and he has a huge opportunity in front of him to do that if he can work his way into eventually becoming the Kings’ starting point guard. Sacramento took a chance on him despite his troubles away from the court with multiple DUIs, but something like this could put him on the fringes with the team. This could very well be the last straw for Lawson in hopes of continuing his NBA career.

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