UFC Fighter Michael Bisping Just Dropped The Greatest Rant About Brock Lesnar



Since it was revealed that Brock Lesnar took a banned substance prior to his UFC 200 fight, there have been many to weigh in the issue. The type of response have varied over the last several weeks. In a recent in the interview on the Ric Flair show podcast, current UFC Middleweight champion Micahel Bisping didn’t mince his words one bit when talking about his feeling toward Lesnar.

“How tough do you think Brock Lesnar is? Listen I respect any man that steps into the octagon because it takes balls. But if you have to go in there and take steroids to do it? F*ck you, you cocky son of a b*tch. Kiss my ass. I will knock Brock Lesnar out with one f*cking punch. I will take him and throw him out of the octagon like the pu$%y that he is. Am I making myself clear? F*ck Brock Lesnar! F*ck steroids! F*ck all you f*cking f**gots that want to come in here and take steroids. Am I making myself clear? I apologize for using that word, I shouldn’t have said that (f**gots). But, steroids have destroyed the sport and anyone that takes them, kiss my a&%.”

“He’s a big son of a b*tch but as I said. Real men don’t cheat in a real fight. In your world you have to look good, you have to be big and it’s expected for the audience. You guys good for you, good for you. In a real fight we shouldn’t be cheating and taking steroids.”

Bisping clearly has no tolerance for anybody using steroids in the MMA to get an advantage. It’s safe to say that he has lost all respect from the UFC veteran because of his decision to use a banned substance. It’s like that there are several other fighters that hold the same anger toward Lesnar and are just not expressing them to the public.

That said, there’s still a chance that the 39-year-old could  return to the octagon. Lesnar is still a huge attraction in the sport and may still be even with this latest setback. All in all, it’s clear that Bisping won’t vouch to give him another opportunity.

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