Uh Oh…Oladipo Sounds Off On Thunder Teammate Russell Westbrook


The Oklahoma City Thunder have been all over the news since Kevin Durant decided to leave the team for the Golden State Warriors.  It created a rift between former close friends Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  The team now all but belongs to Westbrook.

So far the Thunder have exceeded expectations and sit at 6th in the West with an 8-7 record.  They have been driven forward mostly by Westbrook’s tenacious play.  However, it seems that not everyone on the team is appreciative.  The Thunder lost on a last second shot against the Lakers earlier this week and Victor Oladipo had this to say:

“It’s like I was guarding 3 people on that game winner by Nick Young.”  It is no secret that he is alluding to the lack of defense played by Westbrook.  Is this just a little post-loss frustration or do the troubles run deeper?  Only time will tell as the Thunder continue their campaign.


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