Undertaker’s Return Could Mean An Interesting Feud



Earlier this week, it was reported that The Undertaker would be returning to Smackdown Live for the 900th episode on Nov. 14. This has immediately got the rumor mill spinning about what match he could take part in. According to Wrestling News World, the WWE legend could become in an interesting feud.

There is speculation that WWE may setup a match between The Undertaker and Randy Orton on this episode of SmackDown. This could be the reason WWE had Orton align himself with The Wyatt Family against Kane recently, as a possible return opponent for Taker at a later date.

The company feels that a 50-year old Undertaker would work best with a veteran like Orton inside the ring, with a less risk of possibly getting hurt in a match.

With Kane on the Smackdown Live roster, it could very well step up in this fashion. This would not be one bit a surprising route taken by the WWE as Randy Orton joining the Wyatt is something that they are hoping to push strongly. What better way to bring credence to it then by having them face The Undertaker.

However, if he doesn’t take part in that match there have been many other scenarios thrown out. This consists of possibly wrestling Brock Lesnar or Goldberg or both at WrestleMania 33. There is also the long-standing rumor that he could finally face John Cena, who was reportedly his original WrestleMania 32 opponent prior to his shoulder injury. That said, whatever direction the WWE decides to go the fans will be just excited to have the Deadman back.

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