Victor Oladipo Finally Dispells A Huge Misperception Concerning Russell Westbrook



Throughout his career, Russell Westbrook has developed the reputation as being a hard teammate to deal with at times. It has only grown stronger with Kevin Durant’s departure via free agency this past offseason. In a recent interview with ESPN’s Royce Young, offseason acquisition Victor Oladipo doesn’t believe those perceptions hold any weight.

“Not being here, you hear a lot about him. You hear a lot of rumors. You hear a lot of things. But sitting by him and working with him every day, and building a friendship with him every day, you realize what type of man he truly is. And this dude right here wants to win more than anyone in the world. And he’ll do anything to do that. The misconception of what he used to be or what he is, is false.”

It certainly sounds like Westbrook and Oladipo have gotten off on the right foot over the last few months. Westbrook may be an extremely competitive player, but it looks like he has drawn plenty of respect from Oladipo. There will be some moments where Westbrook will be hard to deal with, but his drive for success on the court is something that is admired by his teammates.

This is certainly music to the Thunder’s ears as he is the new face of the franchise. He’s already off to a strong start already achieving history becoming the first player since Hall of Famer Magic Johnson during the 1982-83 season to begin a campaign to record triple-doubles in two of the first three games. All of this has made it intriguing to see what’s in store for Westbrook and the Thunder over the rest of the season.

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