Vince Carter Has Opened The Door To An Intriguing Possibility



In the prime of his career with the Toronto Raptors, Vince Carter was widely regarded as the best dunker in the game. He put together one of the most memorable Slam Dunk Contest performances in 2000 that still has many still raving about. With that in mind, the 39-year-old recently stated that he would entertain the possibility of returning to the contest.

Carter’s return to that stage would draw millions of eyes across the world to see if he still has any lift left in his legs to put on a show. There’s no question about his creativity, but the physical ability to perform these dunks is what where the uncertainty lies. That said, there is a recent video making its rounds on social media of him throwing down a windmill dunk in training camp.

All of this will be solely dependent on how Carter is feeling at that point in the year as he’s set to enter his 19th campaign in the league. If he can make it to that point, it would certainly be some must-watch tv between himself and current two-time champion Zach LaVine. Hopefully, this will actually happen next February in New Orleans.

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