Vince Carter Just Shattered The Dreams Of Every NBA Fan



Prior to the start of his 19th season in the NBA, there was growing chatter that Vince Carter could compete in the Slam Dunk contest at the All-Star Weekend in New Orleans next February. All of this had sparked from a video interview of him being asked about it after his windmill dunk that made headlines via social media. However, it appears that Vinasity has shut down that possibility completely.

“I heard about that video way after the fact,” Carter told’s Lang Whitaker at Madison Square Garden. “All of a sudden people were like, ‘You’re in the dunk contest?’ I was like, ‘Where is this coming from?’ Whatever clown that reported it, it’s like, just call the source first. Just ask me! Come to any training camp and ask me.”

The 39-year-old had also added that this video was taken last year and he was asked to compare his leaping ability to Andrew Wiggins. Whitaker did get Carter to state that he could give it a try, but he doesn’t believe he can keep up with the stuff that Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon are doing in the Slam Dunk Contest now.

Although this quite depressing to hear that Carter isn’t seriously interested, it shouldn’t be surprising given that he’s entering his 19th season. He’s no longer the young explosive player he once was that absolutely tantalized NBA fans on a daily basis with his athleticism. That said, it was fun to at least think that Carter had some interest in actually doing it again.

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