Vince Carter May Have More Left In the Tank Than We Thought



It’s a sad truth in the sports world that there is only a limited amount of time for players to maximize their potential and athletic ability in the sport. In the NBA, Vince Carter is a prime example as he is 39 years old with his body no longer responding or performing the way it used to. However, Carter may have more bounce to his step than anticipated as he recently threw down a windmill dunk in training camp.

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It may not have been a vicious dunk that was reminiscent of his prime days, but it an impressive slam for someone entering their 19th season. Carter still has the ability to throw it down from time to time, but the days of him doing that on a daily basis are long gone. Hopefully, he can remain relatively healthy this upcoming so that we can see him power a couple dunk down.

During his heyday, Carter was an electrifying dunker that was arguably the most athletic player in the NBA. He was also a potent scorer with the Toronto Raptors and New Jersey Nets. His unique dunking ability is what set him as a major part of his identity in what should be a Hall of Fame career.

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