Vince McMahon Has Made A Shocking Stance About WWE’s Future



Since taking over the reigns of the WWE in the 1980s from his father, Vince Mcmahon has built the company into a powerhouse in the professional wrestling industry. In fact, it has been the top brand in the business for much of that time. In light of that, McMahon recently made asked if the WWE would be up for sale.

“We’re open for business.”

Although it’s shocking to hear that McMahon would be willing to sell his company, this is a realistic possibility. The 71-year-old is all about making money and if he were to get a ridiculous offer the WWE he wouldn’t hesitate to pull the trigger. With the UFC recently selling for $4 billion, it would push the asking price the WWE further beyond that.

It all goes back to the saying that everyone has their price and McMahon certainly has his. For as much as he’s invested personally in the business, he would sell in the heartbeat if given a huge bid. All in all, this something to keep an eye on moving forward.

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