Warriors GM Bob Myers Wants Everyone To Hold Off One Belief



The Golden State Warriors have thrust the weight of the world in terms of expectations on the franchise with the addition of Kevin Durant through free agency this past offseason. Many are anticipating them capturing not only this year’s title but multiple. In light of that, Warriors general manager Bob Myers has set the record straight one perception about the franchise.

“Although we get a lot of notoriety, we are not a dynasty,” Myers told Michael Lee of The Vertical. “We did not win five championships. We won one. I think that sometimes people assume that we have this air of success; we really don’t. We’ve had two good years and one championship. So we’re reminding ourselves, we haven’t figured anything out.”

Myer is correct that the Warriors have won just one title, but there’s the potential to achieve great things. They now have the pieces in place to stay in the title picture for the next several years. These expectations have been levied upon them because of the talent they have accrued over the last few years that have helped them make back-to-back NBA Finals including winning the first title in 40 years.

Until the Warriors can prove that they win another title followed by a few more, the talk of a dynasty is indeed a bit premature. That said, there is still plenty to work out first as made evident by the 129-100 beatdown that the San Antonio Spurs gave them on opening night at Oracle arena on Tuesday. If they can figure things out, Golden State will be the team to beat for the next several seasons.

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