Warriors Meet With NBA Discipline Czar To Discuss Draymond Green



Draymond Green has a bad reputation. He’s widely considered to be a dirty player, thanks in large part to his behavior in last year’s Western Conference Finals and NBA Finals. Whether fair or not, officials are aware of his reputation and keep an extra eye on him.

Green feels that this season he’s being targeted by officials and getting called for technical fouls over things that other players wouldn’t get called for. He’s already received two technicals in his first five games. The team apparently agreed, and insisted on a meeting with NBA Discipline Czar Kiki Vandeweghe. Via CSN Bay Area:

“They requested an audience with Kiki Vandeweghe, the NBA’s discipline czar and the man who ultimately decided to suspend Green for Game 5 of the NBA Finals, who was at Staples Center for the Warriors-Lakers game Friday night.

“Warriors general manager Bob Myers did speak with Vandeweghe, according to a team source. Coach Steve Kerr certainly believes a discussion is warranted, expressing hope that a meeting with Vandeweghe clears the air.

“Green picked up two technical fouls in the first five games, a rate that would result in 33 over the 82-game regular season

Both of his technicals came against the Thunder in a heated matchup, and both were a result of celebrations, not actions in game. Draymond Green didn’t seem optimistic about the outcome of the meeting:

“I don’t know if anything will change, and I can’t do anything about it. All I can do play. Just play my game and hope for the best.”

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