Warriors Owner Makes A Ridiculous Comment About Kevin Durant



The Golden State Warriors this offseason made the major splash by landing Kevin Durant in free agency. This hasn’t exactly rubbed many around the league the right way. According to Monte Poole of CSN Bay Area Warriors owner Joe Lacob has done anything to help change that notion with his most recent comments.

“I know there are a lot of other owners and teams that are mad at us, at me,” Lacob said Monday. “I felt that very much when I was in Las Vegas this summer.

“Sorry, we got him. We worked hard until we got him.”

What statements like this do is make the organization look a bit snobbish and arrogant for the wrong reasons. It just takes away from the difficult decision that Durant had to make weighing leaving the only team he has ever against a prime opportunity to join something special with Golden State. It just gives off the notion that there is no care in the world for the rest of the league.

The Warriors may have that shadow cast upon as the villains, not because of anything they have done personally as players. Lacob’s comments just make the organization look bad. All in all, the lesson here is to be gracious in defeat and victory no matter how big or small it is.

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