Watch Joel Embiid Give 76ers Fans More Reason To Be Excited



Following an often frustrating first two seasons of waiting for Joel Embiid to return to the court, the former first-round pick has been making a statement with his play in the preseason. He has been a major bright spot for the 76ers given what he’s shown in limited action on the floor. In Philadelphia’s most recent preseason game against the Detroit Pistons, Embiid once again showed much promise.

Embiid looks like a very polished offensive player that score in a variety of ways using his footwork. It’s clear that this is something that he has repeatedly been working on through his rehab. In some ways, the pair of foot injuries could be a blessing in disguise as it many have allowed for him to hone his craft a bit more.

That said, the 76ers must remain patient with Embiid and no rush him into an extended role due to the risk of suffering another setback. He has the fate of the franchise in his hand and the front office must not rush him into things if he’s simply not ready yet. All in all, there’s much reason for the 76ers to be optimistic about what lies ahead of Embiid.

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