Well It Looks Like One Former WWE Superstar Won’t Be Making His Return Anytime Soon



It has been a few years since CM Punk made his departure from the WWE. However, there has been much chatter about him possibly coming back to the program due to his unsuccessful MMA debut. According to the Wrestling Observer, it appears that scenario is out the window at this point in time.

The thing with Punk is that, according to those close to Punk, he would see going back to WWE as a loss in life, where Goldberg was just a businessman who had hard feelings about the past but would have no trouble letting them go if it was the right business.

It’s not surprising to hear this given the nature of his leave from the WWE. He didn’t exactly depart on the greatest of terms and has continued to bash Vince McMahon. Punk had also stated that he wanted control of his own brand and being away from the company allowed him to gain that.

That said, the 36-year-old’s MMA future is up in the air with UFC president stating that he doubted that there would be another match for Punk. There several different avenues that he could try his hand at, but there’s no certainty there. The only thing that is for sure is that a WWE return is not likely.

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