When Asked About Which Player He’d Love To Dunk On, Andrew Wiggins Said…



Through his first two seasons in the NBA, Minnesota Timberwolves Andrew Wiggins has established himself as a rising star. He has become the center of attention to one of the promising teams in the league. In light of that, Wiggins recently told Foxsports that he would love to dunk on one of his former teammates.

FOX: If you could posterize someone right now, who you dunking on?

AW: My boy JoJo Embiid from the Sixers. I never got him (as teammates) in college; time to get him now.

Wiggins will have plenty of opportunities to do that with Embiid finally making his debut on the court after missing his first couple of seasons due to two broken foot injuries. The two built a strong bond during their lone season together at Kansas and a facial dunk would only give the former Rookie of the Year bragging rights over his close friend. If he were to posterize Embiid, the 76ers big man would surely never hear the end of it.

On a related note, Embiid has looked impressive so far in the preseason with his ability to impact the game on both ends of the court. He could quickly become a centerpiece to the 76ers’ future if he’s able to stay relatively healthy. All in all, when the Timberwolves and 76ers match against each other this upcoming season on Nov. 17 and Jan. 3, this will certainly be something to tune in for.

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