When asked Who They’d Pick To Start A Franchise, NBA GMs said…



Prior t0 the last few seasons, the general managers around the NBA have participated in an annual survey concerning the upcoming season. There are varying topics covered throughout the lengthy questionnaire. According to, there is a surprising clear-cut choice for the player that they would pick to start their franchise with.

If you were starting a franchise today and could sign any player in the NBA, who would it be?
1. Karl-Anthony Towns, Minnesota – 48.3%
2. Kevin Durant, Golden State – 20.7%
3. LeBron James, Cleveland – 17.2%
Also receiving votes: Stephen Curry, Golden State; Anthony Davis, New Orleans; Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio; Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City
Last year: Anthony Davis – 86.2%

The usual suspect over the years has been LeBron James, but since he’s now 31 years old that has put a smaller window for him to be a dominant player. James is still the league’s best player, but now there is a time frame on how long that will last. Anthony Davis may have topped this list again had he not continued to deal with injuries that have forced him to miss time in each of his first four seasons.

Towns quickly surpassed that hype surrounding him in his first campaign that included being named the unanimous choice for Rookie of the Year joining the likes of Damian Lillard (2012-13 ), Blake Griffin (2010-11), David Robinson (1989-90) and Ralph Sampson (1983-84) as only other unanimous winners in the last 32 years. He also led all rookies in scoring (18.3), rebounding (10.5) and placed  second in blocks (1.68), which also made him the only player in the NBA to post those numbers. All of this has provided much reason for general managers across the league to believe he has the potential to be an absolute force on the court over the next decade.

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