Wife Of Bill’s Kicker Issues Violent Threat Towards Richard Sherman After Illegal Hit



Monday night’s defensive showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the Buffalo Bills ended in quite a bit of controversy.

The biggest controversy came at the end of the first half, when Buffalo attempted a field goal. Richard Sherman jumped offsides to rush the passer, immediately drawing flags. What didn’t draw flags was the massive hit he gave to Bills kicker Dan Carpenter. The play was clearly roughing the kicker, but he wasn’t called for it.

After the game, Carpenter’s wife, Kaela, took to Twitter to express her outrage. In doing so, she issued a shocking threat to Sherman.

If you don’t have any experience around farm animals, the device in the picture is called a bander, a tool used to castrate farm animals. That’s a pretty intense response.

Richard Sherman seemed amused by the comments, because he actually replied to the tweet.

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