Will The Dallas Cowboys Trade Dez Bryant To This Team?



Dak Prescott vs. Tony Romo? Please. That argument is so Week 5. As Dallas Cowboys fans know, the new discussion is do you trade Romo or not?

Well, let’s raise the stakes: Do you trade Dez Bryant as well?

Skip Bayless says yes, after watching the Dallas Cowboys come together behind young stars Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. Shannon Sharpe agrees.

“I wanna get rid of Dez for one reason: I want his negative influence out of the locker room,” Sharpe said on “Undisputed” on Friday. “This is a very, very young football team, and the two stars on offense do not need to have that guy in their presence. I’m trying to remove him at all costs.”

There are a couple of other reasons to trade Bryant — and Romo as well.

“Tony Romo is 36,” Sharpe said. “His history, he’s not going to get healthier as he ages. Dez last two years, injuries. If you can find trading partners for these two guys, it would save you $41.7 million.”

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