William Regal Believes One Former WWE Superstar Is Set To Make Their Return



Since the conclusion of the WWE cruiserweight tournament, there has been much action on the front of bringing back Tajiri to the show. In fact, the rumor mill has been at a standstill. However, it appears that the Japanese Buzzsaw could

Wrestling News World reader Dan Rattigan met William Regal at a comedy club on Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland. Regal claimed that Tajiri will be returning to WWE in January as a star in the company’s cruiserweight division.

Tajiri, who turned 46-years-old in September, worked a couple of dates for WWE in their Cruiserweight Classic earlier this year. He beat Damian Slater in the first round and lost to Gran Metalik in the second round.

Although Regal told this to a fan, there could be some truth to it. Tajiri had been rumored a few months ago having agreed to a new deal with the WWE. However, it didn’t go much farther than those reports.

If Tajiri were to actually return, he would step in as a fan favorite. He would also bring some more legitimacy to the division since its return. All in all, things should clear up in the coming days.

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