Wizards Center Just Threw Some Massive Shade At His Own Teammates



The Wizards have been off to a poor start to the season, going 2-7 in their first nine games. Center Marcin Gortat is sick of it, and he’s ready to point the blame at his teammates.

The Polish international has decided to air his grievances publicly, blaming the Wizards bench and their lack of production for the woes in Washington.

He’s sadly correct, his teammates on the bench are failing to score and it’s letting the team down. So far, no one on the team is averaging more than 5.3 points off the bench, which is just flat out terrible. It’s killing team morale and making games unfun for the players:

“We can’t get used to it. We can’t get comfortable with that. We’ve got to do something about that right now. It’s not fun anymore.”

The Wizards need to find a solution, and quickly. A terrible bench is killing them in games and it’s clearly driving a wedge through the team’s synergy. Calling out teammates in the media is never a good sign.

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