Wow…Check Out Another Bonehead Play By JR Smith


JR Smith is just as famous for his antics as he is for his skill on the basketball court.  The Cleveland Cavaliers’ shooting guard is constantly in the news for the wrong reasons.  However, he showed up big time for the Cavaliers last season and was earning his keep.  His resigning with the Cavaliers was a big story in the offseason and the team ponied up the cash to keep him.

This season has not started well for Smith though.  He is scoring just 8.5 ppg on 30% shooting.  He didn’t do much for himself yesterday with this bonehead play:

It is almost too dumb to believe.  After the game Smith tried to avoid questions about the play and said that he didn’t know he was in the game.  While there is probably no way that is true, the play itself was so dumb that he may be telling the truth.

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