Wow! The Warriors Are Rolling After Breaking Another Ridiculous Record


The Warriors have faced a bit of a rocky start to this season.  The league was stunned when they came away with a loss to the Spurs after their first game of the season.  Most people thought that the addition of Kevin Durant would make the Warriors an unbeatable super team.   Despite not quite having lived up to expectations so far, it appears that they may have turned things around a bit.

This past week Steph Curry broke the record for 3 pointers made in a single game when he went 13 for 17 against the Pelicans.  After this amazing feat the Warriors haven’t waited long to break another NBA 3 point record:

The addition of Durant has turned the Warriors into the most threatening team from behind the 3 point arc in NBA history.  This is after they already held that same title.  I get the feeling that we will be seeing many more scoring records being broken by this new Warriors team.

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