WWE Actually Had Another Plan For Reigns Vs. Owens On Raw



This week’s episode of Raw saw Roman Reigns defeat Kevin Owens for a chance to wrestle for the WWE Universal title at the Roadblock pay-per-view next month. It will pit champion against champion for the highest honor on Raw. According to Wrestle Zone, that wasn’t always the case.

Dave Meltzer recently noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the original plans for Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens on RAW this week was to have Reigns’ US Championship on the line.

This past weekend’s WWE Live events saw Roman Reigns defeat Kevin Owens in matches where his US Championship was on the line. Those matches were originally supposed to be “Title vs Title” matches however Stephanie McMahon ruled that only Reigns’ US Championship would be on the line in those bouts. On RAW, for whatever reason, the match was changed from being for Roman’s US Title to being for Roman to get a shot at Owens’ Universal Championship at Roadblock.

The WWE has developed the reputation for changing things at the last moment in favor of what they believe is best for the company. This was the case at Hell in a Cell when Vince McMahon changed the finish to the women’s title match to have Charlotte defeat Sasha Banks in her hometown of Boston. The same thing goes for the finish to Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series last weekend.

Nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to finishes in a match, but the decision to keep Reigns as the champion could be to keep him in a prominent role with the company. If were to lose the title match next month, the WWE can still fall back on him being the United States champion. In essence, it’s a safety net to keep him in the mix.

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