WWE Already Has A Big Reason To Appreciate Goldberg



During this week’s edition of Raw, Goldberg made his return to the program after being away for nearly 13 years. It immediately created a huge buzz across all social media platforms with many bursting with excitement. According to Show Buzz Daily, Raw’s TV rating made a huge jump with the 49-year-old making his comeback.


This is quite impressive given that Goldberg has been away from the business for over a decade. It shows that there is still a strong following for him that could also mean huge numbers at Survivor Series next m0nth. In fact, these ratings could remain this way over the next few weeks with both Goldberg and Brock Lesnar making appearances over the next few weeks leading up to the event.

These are definitely promising numbers for the WWE ahead of this mega match that pits two legends against each other. There is no telling of what Goldberg is capable of at this point, but there is plenty of excitement to see him back in the ring. Hopefully, this all leads to what is an intriguing match next month.

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